Enjoy MacChocolate anytime and anywhere! Simply empty the contents into the cup, add hot water and it is ready to drink instantly.



Our products are made with top quality ingredients and the finest cocoa beans to provide our consumers only the best.



Experience the irresistibly luscious and exquisite taste of our range of chocolate drinks with our specially formulated and award-winning recipe.

Cocoa and Chocolate

Did you know that cocoa and chocolate are not only rich in history but also rich in beneficial health properties?
Hundreds of years ago, hot chocolate was a luxury drink that was enjoyed exclusively by the royals.
The cocoa that are used to make our delicious MacChocolate range of drinks also offers many health benefits. It is a source of antioxidants properties that contributes to improved heart and brain health. It also contains mood-lifting agents that make us happy and provide us the energy boost we need!

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Check out some exciting recipes specially created for MacChocolate to enjoy the yummy goodness of our products in different ways!

What People Love About MacChocolate

A cup of MacChocolate during breakfast makes my day and kickstarts my day with the right mood.

Rachel Lee

I absolutely love MacChocolate Hazelnut. The richness of the chocolate drink complements the nutty taste of Hazelnut. I simply cannot get enough of it!

Anastasia Ivanov

When I need a little perk-me-up at work, I reach out for MacChocolate. Not only does it taste delicious, I can satisfy my chocolate craving instantly too.

Jack Simmon

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